15 Favorite Places In The World

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For the past two and a half years, most of my time has been spent abroad: living, vacationing, backpacking, working. In all, I’ve been to 41 countries. Some have been great. Some have been boring. Some have been shocking.

Below are my 15 favorite places in the world, presented in order. This list is not scientific at all. I asked myself questions such as “How much would/did I enjoy living there?” “How much do I want to go back?” and “How blown away was I by it?” and ordered my list loosely based on the answers.

These are not the “best” places in the world. These are not even places I recommend visiting the most. They’re merely my personal favorites — the locations that mean the most to me and that I enjoy the most. Take that for what its worth.

15. Prague, Czech Republic

Of all the European cities…

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