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28 Important Things I’ve Learned In The Past 28 Years


Thought Catalog

1. Plans Change. According to the plans I made in my early 20s, I should be a home owning lawyer with a one year old child and a husband right now. The reality is I’m about as close to living a directly opposing life to that as is humanly possible. Cue ironic laughter. Things don’t always work out the way you planned them, and not just big life stuff–sometimes you will be handed a crusty Big Mac, when all you really wanted was a fresh, warm, oily one. Roll with the punches.

2. It’s Not Personal. Nothing anyone ever does to you is a reflection on you. When people are nasty to you, it’s because of something inside them. When people fob you off, or are blasé or rude; it’s all because they’ve got their own things going on. Not everything is about you, even if on the surface it…

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